About Place2Book

Here's your ticketing system, where all organizers, professionals and private, can create events and sell tickets or make sign-ups – without costing you anything.

Our online ticketing system at www.place2book.com is the first ticketing system that is offered to everyone for free and can be used by everyone. Here you can create everything from child birthdays, Bachelorette ends, theatrical performances, conferences and fairs to a spaceship trip – without paying a penny.

You quickly create your event – our system acts as your sales portal neutral through your own website. We have built-in support for all essential debit cards, so your participants can buy tickets themselves, and when the event is held, the deposit is transferred directly to your chosen bank account – it simply can't be easier.

Some facts about us

We specialize in the design and development of ticketing systems for a number of major Danish and international companies. We do not rest on our laurels – we continuously develop the system, so you have a good idea of how we can be better at just solving your needs, you are very welcome to write to us here. Our system contains a complete payment gateway so that you do not have to have a redemption agreement with PBS and other payment provider yourself, and we support all common payment cards.

We want to make it much easier to set up and organise events using our own online ticketing system, making it cheaper to issue and buy tickets – you have your own finger on the pulse, as you can check what, when and who was acting on just the Events.

The booking will be conducted entirely via your own website and YOU are the provider of your own ticketing system. The site therefore contains only your events, no one else's, and you decide what it will cost, as well as whether it should be with fees – it is you who decides all the way without it costing you a penny.

If you do not have your own website or do not feel any need to sell your tickets there, you can simply send your invitees a link to a neutral order page with us.

We have built-in some options that can give you extra revenue through your events. You are free to choose them as needed, and the only thing they cost you is a very small basic amount per purchased ticket, so if you do not sell any tickets, these options will not cost anything either.

If you have questions about creating an event, please see our explanatory help. If you want to know more about the event you are considering, go to the provider's website for details – otherwise we recommend that you read more on our General Information page.

We look forward to welcoming you inside and know that you will be as excited as we are – enjoy.

Place2Book ApS
Herlev Hovedgade 15B
2730 Herlev
Tlf. +45 7023 2550
CVR: 28888880

You are also welcome to contact us via here around the clock.